Paediatric nursing includes 24-hr general, post-acute and specialised nursing care with a staff compliment of over 75 registered nurses, enrolled nurses and carers. The 175-bed facility provides multidisciplinary care for children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions including Cerebral Palsy, infectious diseases, traumatic brain injury, neurology, oncology and palliative care.

The Nursing vision statement: To become leaders in paediatric intermediate care by providing a high standard of nursing care in partnership with the patient, family, multidisciplinary health team and the department of health, enabling children to function at their full potential.

Our wards and patient profile

Lily: 20 beds

Babies under 1 year with malnutrition, infectious diseases and congenital abnormalities.

Daisy: 28 beds

Between 1 and 2 years diagnosed with cancer, malnutrition, HIV or diabetes

Basil: 32 beds

Between 2 and 9 years needing higher intensity care for conditions such as oncology, respiratory conditions, neuro-developmental conditions, congenital abnormalities, diabetes.

Protea: 25 beds

Boys between 10 and 18 years with life-threatening conditions.

Freesia: 35 beds

Girls between 10 and 18 years with life-threatening illnesses.

Sunflower: 25 beds

Mainly rehabilitate patients