At St Joseph’s we change more than 500 nappies a day!

PLEASE DONATE and give our chronically ill babies the protection they deserve.

We make it better for hundreds of medically fragile children in South Africa. Join the Happy Nappy Drive and help us buy nappies from newborn to adults … helping us to give the gentle care babies and children deserve.

Every 24 hours we use more than 500 nappies and our annual nappy bill is more than R500,000. The Happy Nappy Drive is vital to meeting our children’s needs and our goal this year is to raise R250,000 and collect over 50,000 nappies

St. Joseph’s is Southern Africa’s only paediatric intermediate care facility and we have over the past 85 years nursed and rehabilitated over 23,000 children from vulnerable communities. On average children with life-threatening conditions stay for 6 months receiving holistic and multi-disciplinary medical treatment free of charge.

We appeal to all OUR FRIENDS to support us and make this a brilliant campaign for the children.


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helps to MAKE IT BETTER.

Frequently asked


The easiest is if you click the donate button and use our safe online payment system. A pack of nappies is about R260. You are not limited in the amount you wish to give – bit and small helps!

Alternatively, you can order nappies online at Clicks, Dischem or Pick ‘n Pay and have it delivered to St. Joseph’s, 40 Pallitti Rd, Montana, 7490

You can promote this event within your own network, company, school, club, church or religious place of worship. We can supply you with banners and social media material. Reach out and let’s get Happy with more Nappies, together.

Life is calling us to be more than just about ourselves. We would love you to support us this Mandela Day 2021. St. Joseph’s shares Nelson Mandela’s love and burning desire to help South African children from vulnerable communities.

On Mandela day we help organisations, companies, churches, book clubs, schools to host their own #HappyNappyDrive. We use over 500 nappies a day and our needs are great. We have amazing posters and banners to help promote your event! Reach out and partner with us and give our children thousands of gentle hug daily.

We are always in need of baby products like shampoo, powder, bum cream, wipes, soap etc. If you would like to donate products or receive our wish list, please contact our In-Kind Donations Co-ordinator Felicity Mbambani for arrangements.

(Due to Covid-19 and restrictions we currently don’t accept second hand clothes and toys)

At St Joseph’s we treat children with life limiting and life threatening illness. It is proven that disposable diapers are effective in decreasing probable sepsis in neonates. Using disposable diapers also decreases the number of diapers used per day and also the number of times a nurse comes in contact with the baby especially during corona. A study published in the Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, proves a decrease in probable sepsis with the use of disposable diapers and from a simple cost analysis from our study shows that using disposable diapers is more cost-effective than cloth diapers. Operationally our in-house laundry also has limited capacity.

Of course we care about the environment, but we also care about a high standard of critical medical care and disposable items are needed to achieve this.

South Africa currently faces a multiple burden of disease, with the HIV and AIDS epidemic coinciding with high burden of tuberculosis, high maternal and child mortality, high levels of violence and injuries and a growing burden of non-communicable diseases. While the state contributes about 40% of all expenditure on health, the public health sector is under pressure to deliver services to about 80% of the population. Nappies are not considered medical consumables, putting a financial burden on parents in the vulnerable communities we serve. As a non-profit organisation we run a 175-bed facility and rely on donations from organisations and individuals to enable us to provide the best quality care for our children. We fundraise all year round through various initiatives like our Happy Nappy Drive.

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We would not be able to do the work we do without the support of donors and individuals. Help us change the life of a medically fragile child.


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