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Dicklin’s road to recovery

Learning that your child was involved in an accident is every parent’s worst nightmare. And for the Goosens from Wellington, that fateful day was 1 December 2021, when their 7-year-old son Dicklin Goosen was hit by a car.

A Happy Ending

Makanakah, while playing with the other children at home, fell into an oval bath tub with boiling water. She sustained 80% hot water burns across her tiny body.

Twin Angels

Twin sisters Audrey and Nicolene (1-year-old), arrived at St Joseph’s in February 2019 after being referred from Karl Bremer Hospital where they were treated for pneumonia. They were born prematurely and had low body weight, iron deficiencies and weakened immunity, all of which made them prone to infections and required frequent hospitalisation.

Full Circle

Cynthia Lakay is a former patient of St. Joseph’s and she never thought she would be visiting her son, Angelo, at the very same facility she once called home.