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miracle children Zeenat (right), 4yrs, is a spastic quadriplegic, admitted for severe malnutrition and her prognosis on admission was poor. Her chronic debilitating condition will require full-time and life-long care.

Thanks to Zeenat's grandfather, she was admitted to Paarl Hospital who immediately contacted SJH for admission. She has now been at SJH for just over six months, is sitting up and is no longer malnourished.

Despite adverse home conditions, this young girl has never given up. As soon as she is ready for discharge, our social worker will liaise with the social workers in Paarl to find a suitable placement for Zeenat where her grandfather will be able to visit her.
miracle child Troy
Time to say goodbye to Troy!

For a period of ten months St Joseph's was his home. Originally from Gauteng, he was the unfortunate victim of a car accident. Wishing him well are the rehab staff while giving his mother a warm hug.
miracle child Abongile
Abongile Zililo (11 years) and his teacher, Ms Benita Wildschut, hard at work during their tutoring session.

Abongile has also taken up the challenge to teach his teacher basic Xhosa. He is one of three burn survivors who receive intermediate care at St Joseph's Home (SJH).

The Phoenix Burns Project provides funding on a monthly basis to cover their essential costs and education. Earlier this year the Project also donated new bicycles and scooters to SJH.
miracle child
Zeenat when she arrived (top) and now.
miracle child
We will miss you!

As the winter holidays approached, St Joseph's said goodbye to Donna-lee who left the Home to join her family in Delft. She came to the Home as a small baby and had various operations during this time.

Last year she gave her first steps and has since then, never stopped dancing. She brought sunshine to the ward and will be missed. Here, she is with her father and twin brother.
Minister Mbombo officially opens two new wards at St Joseph's Home
Opening of wards

"The WCG encourages partnerships with the private sector to aid the delivery of essential services to our communities. In today's world of complex socio-economic issues, a crippling burden of disease, an increasing number of people who rely on the public healthcare system and the rising cost of healthcare, it is almost impossible to do anything alone. That is why the WCG is continuously striving to form active partnerships with organisations. Active Public Private Partnerships are imperative for achieving success in the provision of high quality healthcare services" said Mbombo.
Active partnerships
New wards opening
Dr Nomafrench Mbombo (featured above with Sister Annemarie, Peter Hughes and Thea Patterson) officially opened the first two new wards, Sweet Basil and Daisy. This much needed upgrade was made possible by a generous overseas donation and totals R36 million. It is a complete facelift for the home with its new innovative child- and eco-friendly designs.

St Joseph's Home started the construction of the brand new wards in 2014. This dream by St Joseph's is now a reality - to create an excellent child-friendly intermediate facility for vulnerable children with life-threatening diseases.

From the Provincial Health budget 117 beds are funded in this facility, which totals R18.5 million per annum. This is approximately 25% of the total budget spend on funding to intermediate care facilities across the province.

St Joseph's Home plays a key role in providing paediatric intermediate care as one of the few organisations of its kind in the province.

Patients are mainly referred to the home from Western Cape Government (WCG) facilities such as Red Cross Children's Hospital, Tygerberg Hospital and Groote Schuur Hospital. (Extract from the Minister's message on the left)
thank you St Joseph's Home and the Pallotine Sisters would like to thank the Ryan Trust for their generous donation towards the renovation of the exterior and interior of the chapel. chapel renovation
you are invited
whats happening

Beach cleanup
Volunteers and children from SJH "gave back" in assisting with a beach clean-up in Muizenberg.

In our previous newsletter we appealed to our supporters to help us fund 40 winter food parcels.

Thank you to Soroptimist International who donated R8 000 towards the parcels, and Pick 'n Pay Vanguard Mall who added more items.

Kidzbuzz, who donated R5 0000 worth of groceries.
Adopt a Bed
Adopt a Bed
Our Adopt a Bed project presents an opportunity to individual supporters, foundations and business to contribute towards St Joseph's sustainability. Thanks to the substantial subsidy from Department Health Western Cape, we need only fundraise an annual shortfall of roughly R3 million.

This includes "social cases" beds which are not subsidised as well as a "top up" to the beds that receive a government subsidy.

Thank you to our foundations and corporations who have already donated for the current year:

Stichting Energo, the HCI, Harry Crossley, the Linda Nagel and Graham and Rhona Beck Foundations, and Lewis Stores.

Individuals may also contribute monthly, deciding on their own affordable donation which will go towards adopt a bed.

Please contact Alrika for more information, should you wish to assist:

Building contractors hard at work:
A small sanctuary funded by Elia is currently under construction. This special room with stained glass windows is situated next to the chapel and would give a family an opportunity to pay their lastresp ects.
This past year we had altogether 34 individual volunteers and 126 local volunteer visits, of which seven groups come on a regular basis, while various groups from secondary schools also volunteered.

It is encouraging to see a younger generation of volunteers wanting to make a difference! During our book year 14/15, a total of 13 overseas interns worked with our nurses, social workers, physio -and speech therapists. They were from Austria, The Netherlands, Germany and USA.

The Home also received 109 visits of which the most were from churches. Our volunteers play an important role in that they augment our services to the children especially over weekends and after hours. Supervising 124 children 24/7 is no easy task!
(Extract from the Director's Report: Annual Report 2015.)
Dagmar (middle in picture) shares her thoughts: I had an amazing time in St Joseph's Home! It was also difficult to learn all the children's names, all the medication, and different diseases. Switching wards was also difficult - I had to start all over again!
Salome (left in picture) writes: I'm a 20 year old nursing student from the Netherlands. This big adventure was both good for personal and professional development. I found my way and mixed my habits from the Netherlands with my African nursing experiences. In the future I would like to be a nurse in hospital, specializing in children.

Cathrin, (right in picture) who became our resident photographer: Significantly the time I spent with the children were the greatest lessons for me. It was an honor for me to give them my time, attention, strength and above all love, as they spoilt me with theirs. My greatest wish for the children and staff of St. Joseph's home is that they are blessed with love, health, vitality, luck and happiness. I do not want to say "goodbye" as it sounds so final..I say: "See you later!"
Andrew completes gruelling race
Andrew Espin
Changing lives - One small step at a time
Decision Inc. and Andrew Espin chose St Joseph's as his charity of choice in running the epic Ecuador leg of the Roving Race of the global 4Deserts series. This gruelling self-supported foot race was used as a platform to raise awareness and much-needed funds for the St Joseph's. Please visit our website for the final update.
Johns Hopkins University Students

John Hopkins University Featured here are students from the Johns Hopkins University with Thea Patterson (fourth right) and Faiza Achmat (third right).

Three students, Rienna Russo, Chantal Clough and Gauri Bhatnagar assisted with an evaluation of the current pilot block therapy rehab programme.
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