St Joseph's Home for chronically ill children, Cape Town
miracle child Fahiemah (9yrs) from Tafelsig suffered a severe traumatic brain injury five months ago when she was hit by a taxi. With a prognosis of "guarded" she was admitted three months ago for rehab: paralysis of all four limbs, receiving all her feeds via Naso-gastric feeding and unable to use her voice. Against all odds, she has shown a remarkable recovery, improved attention and swallowing. She needs no feeding support and has started eating by herself.

Three weeks ago, she surprised all when she started speaking! She now even attends the school on site and is learning to walk.

Fahiemah says the first words were "mamma" and "pappa". She also knows all the names of her therapists at St Joseph's Home and thanked them...using her own voice! Soon, she will be reunited with her family.
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80 years
Next year St Joseph's Home celebrates 80 years of caring for Vulnerable Children.

Established in 1935 the Pallottine Missionary Sisters, armed with their belief, passion and forward thinking, started a paediatric health and wellness model, which focused on the total wellbeing of the child.

As one of the oldest but most relevant institutions, it has already cared for more than 21,000 children. In 2015 we celebrate this remarkable milestone and pay homage to our children, staff, volunteers and funders who have turned this dream into reality!

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miracle child
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80 years STJ
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Riaad Moosa
Riaad Moosa, well-known comedian and supporter of the Home and the Children's Trust of Red Cross Children's Hospital, spends time with the kids. He was taken on a tour to see the renovations in progress.
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FIA golf day
Champion supporter: SJH shared in the proceeds of the FIA Peninsula golf day with other charities.
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Spar Western Cape
Spar Western Cape donated R285,000 from their annual golf day.

From left: Colin Patterson, Sisters Theresia and Annamarie, and Mario Santana.
out and about
1. Special Guests: The Pallotine Sisters from different countries were hosted at St Joseph's. They toured the Home and witnessed the work the Sisters had been involved in since 1935.
2. Levi Strauss delivered hand-made denim pencil bags to learners at the Home.
3. Coca-Cola Canners (SA) visited St Joseph's and presented the school children with a donation to purchase new school shoes and uniforms.
4. Well known children's brand Naartjie Kids donated new cot quilts and bumpers to the Home under their 'love' label.

St Josephs Home for Chronically Ill Children

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