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In 2008, Taahir first suffered from Guillain Barre Syndrome, an illness affecting the peripheral nervous system. One of its most typical symptoms is ascending paralysis, weakness beginning in the feet and hands and migrating towards the trunk. The Guillain Barre Syndrome can cause life-threatening complications and is usually triggered by an infection. Luckily, Taahir recovered from the disease just in that same year.

Five years later, in 2013, he was admitted to hospital due to a sudden onset of acute flaccid paralysis, again diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome.

Added to this, Taahir was also noted to suffer from pulmonary tuberculosis.

In September 2013, he was admitted to St. Joseph's Home's Sweet Basil ward for rehabilitation. With a comprehensive and individualised daily therapy schedule, he was believed to regain his health after twelve months at our Home.

Despite his unfortunate health circumstances, Taahir is a chatty, lively and cheerful boy. He is very concerned about all the other children at St. Joseph's Home, always endeavouring to be fair and helpful. With incredible perseverance, he surprised our Home's therapists with his continuous great progress. Due to that, Taahir can be discharged one to two months earlier than expected.

We are so proud of our littler fighter!

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miracle child

Taahir in 2013 (top) and today

St. Joseph's Home will be under construction starting the 28th July this year.

We are aspiring to create a more child friendly, bright and safe environment for the inspiring children in our care. Therefore, major renovations will have to take place.

Even though our team will have to cope with disruptions every once in a while, we are sure the little inconvenience will be more than worth it!

High Tea 2014
High Tea 2014

High Tea 2014
St. Joseph's Home's annual High Tea event was held on 24 April.

We were fortunate to receive amazing support from our sponsors who donated extraordinary prizes for us to auction off, including beautiful paintings, a two person stay in a luxury tree house and a six course meal with wine for six people at the renowned Overture at Hidden Valley.

The event was a great success. Not only were we able to raise funds for the medical treatment of our children, but through the event we were also given the chance to raise awareness for our patients' disorders.

We want to thank our sponsors and guests for the valued support they have shown us.

We are looking forward to our next big event, watch this space!

High Tea 2014

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