Miracle child EsramEsam is two years old and was admitted to St Josephs during July 2012 for rehabilitation and stimulation. She was diagnosed with Guillan Barre Syndrome by the doctors at Tygerberg Childrens Hospital. Guillan Barre Syndrome is a serious disorder that occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks part of the nervous system. This leads to nerve inflammation that causes muscle weakness. On arrival, Esam could move her head slightly and elevate her shoulders. She was not able to move her lower limbs which resulted in her not being able to stand or walk and needed support to sit. Continue reading


Miracle Child - FaghryFaghry (10 years old) was the victim of a tragic pedestrian accident which resulted in traumatic brain injury. This affected his speech, mobility and general functioning and he was admitted to SJH for treatment on 23/01/2012.

On arrival, Faghry was completely dependent on staff for care, feeding and transportation in a wheelchair and was not able to communicate. The multi-disciplinary team worked very closely together and within the first two weeks of therapy, he started walking. Continue reading

An Evening that Promises Exhilaration and Fun – update

Our Programme is complete!

Reserve the 17th October 2012 in your Calendar for our Annual Fundraising Gala Dinner & Auction at the Mount Nelson Hotel. We promise you an exhilirating evening with entertainment and fun. We are thrilled to have Dr Michael Mol as our Guest Speaker, Victor Tichart as Musical Comedian, Siv Ngesi as Comedian and Joey Burke, the Auctioneer. Continue reading