Launch of a Multi-Million Rand Renovation Project

sod-turning-stjosephsAn official sod-turning ceremony on September 3rd marked the start of a three year multi-million rand building and renovations project at St Joseph’s Home (SJH) for Chronically Ill Children in Montana, Cape Town.

Described as a dream come true, Director Ms Thea Patterson said that the renovation of the Home took two years of intense planning, working with a wide range of experts defining the scope of the project, refining the design of the upgrade and still keeping within budget. Continue reading


miracle-childRevaldo was admitted to St. Joseph’s Home at five months. He suffered from dangerous malnutrition partly caused by acute Gastroenteritis, an infectious stomach virus.

As a result, Revaldo was afflicted by severe failure to thrive. When he was admitted to St. Joseph’s Home in April 2013, he merely weighed 3.1 kg at a length of 58 cm. In comparison, children of that age usually weigh about twice as much in average.

Due to his illness, Revaldo was not able to develop motor skills appropriate for his age.

Ever since he was referred to our home, Revaldo recovered from his initial poor sucking reflex and went on a strict soy milk diet. He was constantly under medical observation and was weighed daily.

Today, at 17 months, we are proud to say that Revaldo is no longer malnourished. Surprisingly, he is now known for his good appetite!

Shortly after his first birthday, Revaldo was able to stand on his own without any support. And two months afterwards, he even started walking.

Looking at Revaldo today, it is unbelievable that he was admitted because of malnutrition.

Give a lasting gift this Christmas!

st joseph's home for children christmas-giftsThe children and staff at St.Joseph’s Home for Chronically ill children are so grateful for the support that the community have shown over the Christmas period.

Our children are treated to heaps of presents and special parties which put big smiles on their faces. In fact it would be wonderful if we were able to bring this level of joy to our child patients throughout the year! Continue reading


Miracle Child - TadiTadiwanashe is 5 years. She was admitted to SJH in 2008 when she was 10 months old. Tadi was born with respiratory problems but the problems were exacerbated by exposure to her environment. Her family was forced to flee their home in Khayelitsha to the city hall in Macassar as a result of the xenophobic attacks in 2008.

She developed a rare and life threatening form of lung disease in which small airways are compressed and narrowed by scar tissue or inflammation. As a baby, Tadi depended on oxygen to manage her condition and help her to breathe. Continue reading