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JUNE 2011

International Nurses Day

Our nursing angels care for each child as if they were their own and our children absorb the love that is given so freely.

St Josephs Home, Cape Town - Nurses Day

We thank our special nursing team for all their hard work and for often giving more than we ask for.

Special Visit by Provincial Minister of Health, Mr. Theuns Botha

St Josephs Home - Mr. Theuns Botha

St Josephs is a good example of a successful public private partnership and Minister Theuns Botha congratulated the staff at St Josephs on creating and maintaining a centre of excellence.

Well done to the St Joseph's Team.

The Healing Power of Love

Healing power of love

We are often overwhelmed by the healing power of faith, love and touch and Erin is a perfect example of this. Erin joined the world on the 15 September 2010, she was only 30 weeks old and weighed 1.1kg.

She was discharged home but became a very sick little girl and was readmitted to Tygerberg hospital with persistent coughing, vomiting, high temperature and severe oral thrush. While being treated for these, she also developed pneumonia.

Erin was referred to St Josephs in March 2011 as a six month old and weighed 2.4 kg. Due to her size, the St Joseph's 'angels' decided to feed Erin via a nasal gastric tube to help save her energy and build up her strength. As she strengthened she was placed back onto bottle feeding.

Erin is now nine months old and weighs Although her weight gain is slow, she is an intelligent child who always has a ready smile when she sees someone approaching her cot.

Her eyes are her windows into a soul that has experienced so much pain in such a short time, but also reflect an even stronger iron will to survive. Erin's progress is due to the excellent care and more importantly the love from the special staff and volunteers who surround her.

Every child born into this world is a new thought of God, an ever fresh and radiant possibility.

Kate Douglas Wiggin

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Making a difference

Making a difference

Life at St Josephs is often not what individuals expect it to be and Diandra, a volunteer student from the University of Illinois captured the spirit of St Josephs in a nutshell:

"I walked in on my first day armed with sympathy and prepared for the worst. To my surprise, I was greeted with smiles and laughter which continued all day, for every day I was there. The children play with an infectious energy and passion for life. They each know that they are sick but only allow their illness to be a minimal part of their life.

I learned several things from my visit. People across the world are more alike than they are different. Children at St Josephs don't need sympathy or tears; more than anything they need the opportunity to be children. They are children before they are patients.

They need to play in the dirt, explore and use their imagination in the wildest ways. I stopped feeling sorry and guilty, they don't need that. I am not able to cure their body, and maybe no-one can, but I can absolutely cure their spirit."

Diandra captured the spirit of St Joseph's which started with the first Pallottine Missionary Nuns when the home was started in 1935. Although medical and rehabilitative care is our core focus, we continue to try and create a home away from home where children are surrounded by love and support.

Making a difference2

Learning and development continues to play an important role and in addition to schooling and spiritual guidance, one of the most effective methodologies of learning is through play which involves lots of fun and laughter.

Our children at St Joseph's teach us important life lessons as each child has a special way to inspire all those who meet them as they remind you of what is important:
living in the moment and not taking any person you care about for granted.

You can help us to continue changing lives by donating as little as R100 a month as your donation can help change the life of a child in our care.

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