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A Spring miracle

Heather was admitted in February of 2010 with an acute onset of proximal muscle weakness and diagnosed with Polymyositis. Polymyositis is a type of chronic inflammatory myopathy. It means 'many muscle inflammation'. It often noted in the upper legs due to early fatigue while walking. Sometimes the weakness presents itself as an inability to rise from a seated position without help or an inability to raise one's arms above one's head.

St Josephs Home, Cape Town - Heather

Heather received physio and Occupational therapy and she also required on going nursing care. She is 9 years of age, is in grade three and attends our own school at St Joseph's Primary School. Heather was initially wheelchair bound, unable to stand or walk. She could not go to the toilet on her own, but she was able to feed and dress herself with some support.

After 2 months at the Home, Heather was able to walk with assistance. Today, Heather is able to run and play without limitations and she will soon return to her family. Heather is a well-motivated child with good cognitive skills. She is well mannered, talkative and active. Heather has a supportive family that visits her often. She goes home for holidays to spend time with her five siblings.

Amazingly, her mother is also in a wheelchair but able to walk with some assistance. She is a single parent, who struggles financially but fortunately has support from her family. Heather can't wait to be discharged and is excited about her future. We were blessed in being able to make a difference in Heather's young life. Congratulations to Heather, our Spring Miracle Child.

If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one.

Mother Theresa

Legacy of Healing Award

Pallottine Missionary Sisters

The Pallottine Missionary Sisters received the Legacy of Healing award, presented by Archbishop Lawrence Henry, who was last year's Legacy awardee.

The award was presented at the gala evening celebrating 75 years of unselfish service on behalf of the Home and our children, who suffer from chronic medical conditions.

Accepting the award on behalf of the Pallottine Sisters is Convent Superior Sr. Vera Altemeier (left). Holding the award is Provincial Superior, Sr. Boscona Schamann.

Corporate Awards

The Corporate Legacy of Healing Award for 2010 went to SPAR- Western Cape, for their sustained support in helping to save the lives of children at the Home. Accepting the Award on behalf of SPAR is Colin Patterson, the Marketing Manager of Spar - Western Cape.

Eric Ratshikhopha from Xstrata (left) and Darrin Arends from Petro SA (right), who were the two 2009 recipients of the Legacy award presented the trophy. To the far left is Bill Gordon, the MC, Board Member and Chairperson of the St. Joseph's Gala Planning Committee.

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St Josephs Home 75th Anniversary Gala

Our 2nd Annual Gala was a major success, and we thank all our sponsors who helped us with their generous donations. Please visit our website and support those companies and individuals who made it possible for us to raise the money needed to care for our children. We raised over R130,000 to help us to 'Mind the Gap'.

Pallottine Missionary Sisters

The Home's Jubilee Celebration marked 120 years of collective service by Sr. Othmara Metzger (70 years of service), Sr. Sylvia Olifant (25 years of service) and Sr. Margaret McFarlane (25 years of service).We are truly blessed to have them as part of our family.

Please consider making a donation in honour of 120 years of service by these three angels of mercy. Every Rand donated, makes a big difference in the lives of children with chronic illnesses.

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