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An Easter miracle

Tony is 16 years of age. He was living in Zimbabwe with his parents when they both died of TB. Alone, with no place to call home, and no money, he embarked on a journey, walking and catching rides in the back of trucks to connect with an uncle who lives in Cape Town. At the border crossing, many people were prevented from entering South Africa and much to his surprise, he just walked passed the border station without anyone stopping him.

St Josephs Home, Cape Town - Tony

Tony felt sick the entire time, and he knew something was wrong. When he reached Cape Town he sought medical treatment, and was diagnosed with diabetes. He was placed at St. Josephs Home in June of 2009. Once in our care, we also treated him for malnutrition. While in our care he was diagnosed with TB, and was immediately placed on TB medication. Tony feels that St. Josephs has given him his life back and says “this is the first time in a long time that I dont feel sick and I can sleep at night without being worried”.

Today, Tony has obtained refugee status and attends the Athlone School. He is in grade 11 and has an aptitude for science. Tony is one of their top students. He is also considered a student leader. He wants to become a doctor, and when asked why, he said, “I have seen so many children suffering, and I want to do something with my life to help them to get better”.

Tony injects himself four times a day with insulin, and tests his sugar levels six times a day. He has learned to manage his diabetes and he feels proud of the manner in which the nurses trained him to monitor and treat his illness. He shares a section of the medical ward which is exclusively for children with diabetes.

Tony enjoys playing chess and would like to start a chess club at St. Joseph’s. When he is discharged from the Home, Tony hopes to live with his uncle, who has remained his only link to his parents.

He is loved by all who meet him and we walk away with an appreciation for all that he has been through and overcome. Tony is our miracle child for our Easter edition.

SEPTEMBER 9th 2010

Peter Hughes selected as Chairman

Peter Hughes has been selected as Chairman of the Board of Directors for St. Joseph’s Home for Children by the Pallottine Missionary Sisters to fill the role of the retiring chairman, Archbishop Henry Lawrence.

Peter Hughes, Chairman of the Board of Directors for St. Josephs Home, Cape Town

Peter has served on the Board for over a year as a member of the Executive Committee. In one of Peter’s first acts as Chairperson, the Archbishop Henry has been invited to serve as a Patron of St. Joseph’s Home.

Peter brings 17 years of experience as the CEO of the Spar Group Limited, and 10 years as a Spar International Director. Peter continues to serve as a Non-Executive Chairman of the Spar Group Ltd.

His work experience and leadership will serve St. Joseph’s well, as the continuing winds of change challenges us to do more with less. We are confident that Peter, along with the Pallottine Sisters and the twelve Board members, will help St. Joseph’s Home to achieve continued success in the years to come.

An Easter message

Pope Benedict XVI

We are not spared dark nights. They are clearly necessary, so that we can learn freedom and maturity and above all else a capacity for sympathy with others… A part of every human love is that it is only truly great and enriching if I am ready to deny myself for this other person, to come out of myself, to give of myself. And that is certainly true of our relationship with God, out of which, in the end, all our other relationships must grow. I must begin by no longer looking at myself, but by asking what He wants. I must begin by learning to love.

Pope Benedict XVI

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Albert Einstein

St. Joseph’s To Celebrate 75 Years Of Service

St. Joseph’s Home celebrates its 75th anniversary and has designated September 9th as the official Birthday Celebration, marking 75 years of faithful service by the Pallottine Missionary Sisters. In celebration, we will be hosting our annual gala in honour of the Pallottine Sisters and their life’s work on behalf of the children served by St. Joseph’s Home.

The celebration will take place at the distinguished Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town, and we invite you to join us by booking your reservations early. More information will follow in the upcoming months.

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I believe that if an angel were to wing his way from earth up to Heaven, and were to say that there was one poor, ragged boy, without father or mother, with no one to care for him and teach him the way of life; and if God were to ask who among them were willing to come down to this earth and live here for fifty years and lead that one to Jesus Christ, every angel in Heaven would volunteer to go.

D Moody

From the Archives

Mother Theresa visits St Josephs Home, Cape Town

Mother Teresa visits St Joseph’s home in 1988

What we do is less than a drop in the ocean, but if it were missing, the ocean would lack something.

Mother Teresa

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