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Value of a Young Life

Sonwabile was born in 2004 and diagnosed with a rare liver disease called Budd Chiari Syndrome. This occurs when a clot narrows or blocks the hepatic vein and causes the blood to accumulate in the liver, causing it to enlarge and eventually leads to severe damage. He also has a Polycystic Kidney and started RVD treatment in 2009.

Metro Kids Africa operates in impoverished communities and found Sonwabile very ill at home and took him to hospital. He had reached the terminal stage of his illness as a result of default in treatment. His doctors referred him to SJH in 2010 for palliative care.

This young man is now 7 years old, in Grade 1 and an inspiration to those who know him. He has travelled a journey that many of us cannot even begin to imagine and no-one knows how far he can travel. What we do know is that he lives each day as a child should and is surrounded by people who love him.

Sonwabile is now in a stable condition as a result of him receiving his medication on time, good nutrition and just as important, living a normal life which involves going to school, playing and spending time with his friends. We shall continue to ensure he lives his life as a child should.

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Nutrition and Children


Nutrition is important for children as it is directly linked to all aspects of their growth and development; factors which will have direct ties to their level of health as adults.

For example, a child with the right balance of omega fatty acids in their daily diet has a much better chance at creating a solid foundation for brain activity. Omega fatty acids can be found in fish, nuts and vegetables that children love to hate, spinach, brussel sprouts and salad greens.

Countless studies show that what we learn as children is perpetuated throughout our lives. Teaching healthy eating habits to children will perpetuate a healthy lifestyle and help us to live longer.

Nutrition is even more important for children diagnosed with life threatening illnesses. Nutrition support helps strengthen the immune system, enhances the body’s response to treatment and in many cases assists in managing diseases.

Children at SJH are fed three meals and two snacks a day. Each child has a nutritional programme which is created to assist in building their health.

healthy food

healthy food

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

  • Last night's leftovers in a container with a small spoon can make a welcome change to the parade of endless sandwiches.
  • Stick to water in the drink bottle - most juices are full of sugar and make the drink-bottle smelly. They also don't do a very good job of quenching thirst.

Special Thanks

We are grateful for all our donors. This is a special thank you to our regular donors who donate food to SJH, your support makes a monumental difference in the lives of our children.

  • Capepots Produce
  • CID-Airport Industria
  • Clipper Foods and Beverages
  • Mr Allie
  • Mr Desai
  • Nulaid
  • T Lutz Fresh Produce
  • Tydstroom
  • Woolworths Tygervalley


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