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Our Miracle Child

Revaldo was admitted to St. Joseph's Home at five months. He suffered from dangerous malnutrition partly caused by acute Gastroenteritis, an infectious stomach virus.

As a result, Revaldo was afflicted by severe failure to thrive. When he was admitted to St. Joseph's Home in April 2013, he merely weighed 3.1 kg at a length of 58 cm. In comparison, children of that age usually weigh about twice as much in average.

Due to his illness, Revaldo was not able to develop motor skills appropriate for his age.

Ever since he was referred to our home, Revaldo recovered from his initial poor sucking reflex and went on a strict soy milk diet. He was constantly under medical observation and was weighed daily.

Today, at 17 months, we are proud to say that Revaldo is no longer malnourished. Surprisingly, he is now known for his good appetite!

Shortly after his first birthday, Revaldo was able to stand on his own without any support. And two months afterwards, he even started walking. Looking at Revaldo today, it is unbelievable that he was admitted because of malnutrition.

Eggciting Easter Crafting

Together with our volunteers our children have created some beautiful Easter craftwork. We are so proud of our little ones, who put so much effort into it and showed us amazing creativity!

Eggciting Easter Crafting
SJH picnic
SJH picnic

After our General Staff Meeting, we took the opportunity of having everyone gathered to spend our lunch break with one another.

Grabbing blankets and sunhats, all staff and children combined sat down outside on the lawn.

The St. Joseph's Picnic was a great success. The children and staff enjoyed the nice afternoon sun and little delicious treats our amazing kitchen had prepared.

It is so important to take our minds off of work and to have fun, every now and then. Coming together, we were reminded of how fortunate we are for having all these caring and loving people around us. St. Joseph's Home truly is a special place!

miracle child
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Win this bike Win this bike

Stand a chance to win a brand new, high quality RALEIGH TRACER X Mountain Bike (for kids aged 9-11).

Purchase tickets for our raffle at R20 per number. You can enter as many times as you like.

Also, we would like to encourage you to sell tickets on behalf of St. Joseph's. Winners will be announced on Youth Day, 16 June 2014.

To enter the raffle, contact our Volunteer Jueni (

Good luck!

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St. Joseph's Home's Help2Heal initiative was so successful that it has encouraged us to extend the campaign! We are keeping up the special appeal Help2Heal is built around: Making a difference that lasts!

St. Joseph's is encouraging its supporters to donate R100 per month to help us create a sustainable future for a child in our care. A little from many can go a long way. Make a lasting impact!

All you need to do is to arrange a monthly debit order with a reference of H2H and your name and surname to St. Joseph's Home's bank account. These donations are tax deductible and you will be issued a section 18 A certificate annually.

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