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Our Miracle Child

Our special miracle boy for this edition has to be Sinesipho. Sinesipho is 6 yrs old and was admitted to our Sweet Basil ward on the 16th of April 2013. He had a long list of illnesses and arrived at St. Joseph's Home in a very bad condition.


Sinesipho in April 2013

He had been admitted to hospital with disseminated chicken pox which lead to a cardiac arrest and a 2 week stay in ICU at Red Cross Children's Hospital. When he arrived at St. Joseph's he had suffered brain damage, was blind, had developed gangrene in one of his toes which had to be amputated and have a feeding tube and trachea inserted.

The doctors had informed his parents that they should prepare for the worst. However, this little guy had all the will in the world to survive and after a couple of months at St. Joseph's he started showing gradual signs of improvement.

Today he can walk, talk, his trachea has been removed and is only partially blind now. One of the most popular stories in the ward at the moment is when he told the nurse that he doesn't want to wear a nappy, that he was a big boy and wanted to stand and urinate!

His mum visits regularly and he has started going home on the weekends. She is so grateful for his progress and is excited to hear the news that he will be attending SJH Primary School from next year.

Sinesipho now

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Block Therapy

The therapy department, consisting of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech therapy will be piloting an exciting new program. Rehabilitative services will now be offered to children outside of St. Joseph's Home. By offering our services to the wider community, we are able to extend our services to more children with life-changing disabilities and empower their caregivers to provide them with appropriate care.

In addition, the current policy from the Department of Health to reunify patients with their caregivers within a much shorter period has made it imperative to empower parents to take comprehensive care of their children with disabilities. St. Joseph's Home will be embarking on a pilot programme between September-November 2013 which will accommodate approximately 6 new patients who will stay at our facility for a period of 2 weeks at a time.

They will undergo short term intensive rehabilitative treatment. Their caregivers will attend a minimum of 3 training sessions during this time, where a proper care plan will be put together and a skill transfer will take place. After this 2 week period the child will be returned to the care of the parent/caregivers and will receive weekly visits from our community health worker for the first 3 months.

Thereafter monthly visits will take place. Our overall aim with this program is to empower the parent/caregiver with the necessary skills to look after their special needs child effectively. We trust that the investment we make in our parents will make a sustainable difference in the lives of these children through the services offered. We will keep you posted on the developments of this exciting new project!

block therapy

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