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The true gift of giving is gratitude and I am so grateful to have these children in my life and heart. The love that they exude is contagious and I try to give back the love and liveliness that the children give to me.

Emily Booth: Volunteer and Donor

How You and I Can Make a Difference

The Gift of Giving

The Personal Benefits of Giving

When you feel stressed and overwhelmed, you may feel like you are least able to give. However, the act of giving can be a great form of stress relief.

Studies have shown that the act of giving can activate the area of the brain associated with positive feelings, lifting your spirits, and making you feel better the more you give.

. In addition, the physical health benefits of doing good things for others are similar to those experienced through yoga or meditation, where you heart rate is reduced and your blood pressure reduced.

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Benefits of Giving

St Joseph's Home for chronically ill children, Cape Town

How Your Gift Has Changed a Life

Faghry was the victim of a tragic pedestrian accident which resulted in traumatic brain injury. This affected his speech, mobility and general functioning and was admitted to SJH for treatment on the 23/01/2012.

On arrival, Faghry was completely dependent on staff for self-care, feeding and transportation in a wheelchair and was not able to communicate. The multi-disciplinary team worked very closely together and within the first two weeks of therapy, he started walking. This amazing young man is loved by his family and this fuelled his inner determination to get better so that he could go home. As he gained his physical strength Faghry started to walk, run and play independently

His physical recovery slowly built his confidence to learn to communicate and to play with other children. As a result of the brain injury, Faghry needed guidance with fine motor skills such as tying shoe laces, buttons and zips. As he gained these skills, his confidence grew and started sharing his emotions with laughter being a breakthrough for his therapists.

Faghry's journey to healing is an amazing example of the true value of our holistic model of care. He was discharged into the care of his loving family after two months. Faghry continues to attend the St Joseph's Primary School and receive rehabilitative care. Although a life was changed forever in a split second, this young man has shown us how determination and strong will can overcome barriers set before you.


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