miracle-childRevaldo was admitted to St. Joseph’s Home at five months. He suffered from dangerous malnutrition partly caused by acute Gastroenteritis, an infectious stomach virus.

As a result, Revaldo was afflicted by severe failure to thrive. When he was admitted to St. Joseph’s Home in April 2013, he merely weighed 3.1 kg at a length of 58 cm. In comparison, children of that age usually weigh about twice as much in average.

Due to his illness, Revaldo was not able to develop motor skills appropriate for his age.

Ever since he was referred to our home, Revaldo recovered from his initial poor sucking reflex and went on a strict soy milk diet. He was constantly under medical observation and was weighed daily.

Today, at 17 months, we are proud to say that Revaldo is no longer malnourished. Surprisingly, he is now known for his good appetite!

Shortly after his first birthday, Revaldo was able to stand on his own without any support. And two months afterwards, he even started walking.

Looking at Revaldo today, it is unbelievable that he was admitted because of malnutrition.

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