Give a lasting gift this Christmas!

st joseph's home for children christmas-giftsThe children and staff at St.Joseph’s Home for Chronically ill children are so grateful for the support that the community have shown over the Christmas period.

Our children are treated to heaps of presents and special parties which put big smiles on their faces. In fact it would be wonderful if we were able to bring this level of joy to our child patients throughout the year!

This Christmas we would like to make a special appeal to our generous community to consider a sustainable gift to give our children. A special gift that they can use throughout the year and will treasure as a reminder that you care.

We find that toys and parties are a wonderful opportunity for our children to celebrate this happy time but can be somewhat short lived. We would like you to consider a gift that keeps on giving!

st josephs home christmas-childThe type of gifts that would see our children benefit over the next 12 months are items such as

  • winter clothing (scarves, beanies, tracksuits, jackets, winter PJ’s, socks),
  • summer clothing (bathing suits, beach towel, flip flops, shorts, t shirts, summer dresses, underwear, summer PJ’s),
  • school items (stationery, school uniforms, shoes, school bags, lunch boxes and juice bottles)
  • and you can even sign on to become a homework supervisor volunteer for 2014!

We have our current list of patients which amounts to 140 children who come from impoverished backgrounds and really need your assistance. To help in this meaningful way please contact the Resource Development Department at St. Joseph’s home for more information on 021-934-0352.


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