Rebecca, our miracle childRebecca gives new meaning to the term inspiration. She comes from Lusaka, Zambia and lives with her mother and two sisters. Rebecca had severe scarring on her face as a result of her falling into a fire when she was three years old. Her sister ran to fetch help, leaving Rebecca to pull herself out of the fire. In the process she also burnt her arms and hands.

An English Vicar, Mr. Rod Corke met Rebecca in Lusaka when she was 8 years old and returned to his church in the UK and started raising funds to help her. Jane and John Maclure joined the drive and contacted Dr. Adams, Plastic Surgeon at Red Cross Children’s Hospital. Dr. Adams confirmed that his team could assist, however Rebecca would have to undergo four operations and would be required to stay in South Africa for a year.

The requirement would be that the operations be paid for as Rebecca was not a South African citizen. As Rebecca’s benefactors, Jane and John firmly believed that she was part of God’s Plan and Rebecca was admitted to SJH in June 2012. Her mom and her younger sister stayed in our family accommodation for the first two weeks and then returned home.

She has undergone two operations so far and is one of the bravest girls you will meet. Her inner strength and beauty has touched everybody around her. And she is undergoing the operations without her mother by her side. She is learning to speak our languages and is in Grade 4 at St Josephs Primary School.

Rebecca wants to become nurse when she grows up and has a passion for shoes and bright colours. Rebecca is surrounded by people who love her and are working hard to raise funds for her future operations.

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