Sonwabile was born in 2004 and diagnosed with a rare liver disease called Budd Chiari Syndrome. This occurs when a clot narrows or blocks the hepatic vein and causes the blood to accumulate in the liver, causing it to enlarge and eventually leads to severe damage. He also has a Polycystic Kidney and started RVD treatment in 2009.
St Joseph's home - sonwabile
Metro Kids Africa operates in impoverished communities and found Sonwabile very ill at home and took him to hospital. He had reached the terminal stage of his illness as a result of default in treatment. His doctors referred him to SJH in 2010 for palliative care.

This young man is now 7 years old, in Grade 1 and an inspiration to those who know him. He has travelled a journey that many of us cannot even begin to imagine and no-one knows how far he can travel. What we do know is that he lives each day as a child should and is surrounded by people who love him.

Sonwabile is now in a stable condition as a result of him receiving his medication on time, good nutrition and just as important, living a normal life which involves going to school, playing and spending time with his friends. We shall continue to ensure he lives his life as a child should.

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